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When I visited him in the hospital, he was not himself. What was too much?

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Since Bob told me how hard he had to struggle, with impaired vision, to put together his Dec. Forgive me, but I cannot, for the life of me, pare them down further. These paragraphs from Bob are required reading for those who want to have a some clue as to what has been going on in Washington, and the Faustian bargain Strzok — sorry, I mean struck — between the media and the Deep State. The doctors have also been working to figure out exactly what happened since I have never had high blood pressure, I never smoked, and my recent physical found nothing out of the ordinary.

It seems that since I arrived in Washington in as a correspondent for The Associated Press, the nastiness of American democracy and journalism has gone from bad to worse. This perversion of principles —twisting information to fit a desired conclusion — became the modus vivendi of American politics and journalism. The U. Some people saw my insistence on the same journalistic standards that I had always employed somehow a betrayal. No skepticism was tolerated and mentioning the obvious bias among the never-Trumpers inside the FBI, Justice Department and intelligence community was decried as an attack on the integrity of the U.

Our corrupt media, though, live on in infamy. Strokes and pancreatic cancer were the cause. Praying for ppl to come out of their brainwashed trance to the real truth!? To Bob Parry???? Prayers for his family and friends for comfort??? Face it, Trump was the lesser of two evils. The deplorables understand character than all the lettered intelligentsia on the left. When the urbane Ivy League tag team of Obama and Clinton commit genocide, nobody cares because they are one of us.

Is that why anti-semitism and white nationalism are on the rise in the Trump states? Because Trump voters can see through the surface to fine character of a Richard Spencer? The fly over states are the home of the Evangelicals, who are very pro-Israel. Do you think they are secretly pro-Muslim? I know where I can find real help when I need it. Both parties are War Parties. Trump is no lesser evil. His sheer ignorance makes him extremely dangerous. I agree that both parties are war parties, which makes them both extremely dangerous, but that says much more about our political system than it does about Trump.

But dangerously ignorant? He very well could be a modern day Nero, but I consider him more of an iconoclast with mafia roots.


At the very least he does not seem like a CIA concoction, which is more than we can say about his predecessors. In its ultra-rational distrust of all the shadow forces alive and well inside the Beltway, CN comes off as sympathetic to Trump — someone so narcissistic, politically naive, and historically ignorant that he actually is a threat to the system. The system needs changing, no doubt there — but the idea that this greedy egomaniac of a fool would have a hand in making it happen is laughable.

I just wanted to say I Love You, Ray Mc Govern, and thank you for your honest and sincere service to humanity through your work. Same goes for the inimitable Robert Parry. My heart breaks for our courageous brother. May we all learn from him and carry the torch he has set ablaze. The Great Transformation is afoot. We all play our part. Peace be with you. Thank you Ray for some truth. Bob Parry is missed by all who yearn to be free. There exists an additional very shadowy entity that seems to be firmly entrenched in this process.

I feel it is a quasi conduit of influence that allows the super wealthy, powerfully connected political establishment to use their power to control the dialog and the outcome of attempts to break through the veil of lies and malfeasance that has been endemic throughout the history of FBI CIA and NSA.

So has DOJ become guilty of obstruction of the justice very it is supposed to meld out?

I feel it definitely has. No matter what anyone may think CIA did the bidding of many with strong influence from outside government and still do.

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Could be CIA may have come up with only one uniquely conceived operation. One no one can get the info on. Yes, DOJ is substantially corrupted, like the judicial branch, and specializes in obstruction of justice and non-feasance. Their claims of patriotism are utterly hypocritical, as they are run entirely by political and tribal affiliation.

He is doing everything in foreign policy that they could want! But they must consider him dangerous and a wild card, especially with Russia.

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Russia gate effectively stops any relationship with Russia. It has successfully tied his hands. They may have impeachment proceedings, but they and everyone else knows that they could never get an conviction, so why waste all this taxpayer money. It is simply to keep him in a straight-jacket with Russia. Somehow it is imperative for these deep state people to keep Russia weak. I think Putin has the ability to make Russia strong again, and things like this gas line to Europe can help. They simply cannot allow it, and must put every obstacle in his way to stop its economic and military growth.

The sanctions surely have slowed economic progress. Surrounding that country with missiles and military bases and riling up border countries helps too! One false move by us and Israel will fall into his arms, and with all their dual citizens in this country, that could be a quite a problem.

The businessman is funding a website that he says is making ‘white-owned media feel the heat’.

The world hates us so much, that one sign of weakness, they, alone or in unison, would go for the jugular. Frankly, if this country ever got into a major war with a strong country and lost, we would then hear about the atrocities we have been committing all these years which would make Hitler, with all his phony gas chambers, look like a saint. I would delete the question, if it were an option. I am however, surprised, by either naivete, or something else, that would imagine trump is even remotely decent, even remotely out to attempt that which his rhetoric describes.

Monopoly always was the only genuine threat to the world. Centralization of all wealth and power in the hands of the shadow government.

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You describe the fruition of the globalist agenda fairly accurately XB, however you are amongst the many that do not see or appreciate the complete anomally of the election. The article touched on that and very accurately. Sometimes a bit of Holy shit, Amazement and optimism is also needed for clarity, not neccesarily in that order.

It simply was not supposed to happen? Trump is a thorn in the Globalists paw, as well as our Domestic coconspiritors, take another look around, you might see it. Too bad they are so entrenched in both houses the policies Trump ran on are sound. Does anyone think they voted for a messiah? I look at 45 as an anomally and a temporary reprieve, and that business as usual has had its cage rattled. Because the covers have been pulled back somewhat and the insanity is very revealing.

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I gleefully doubt composure will return anytime soon. Again, take another look around. We live in interesting times. He is greatly missed. In the immediate future I shall be calling upon the leaders of these states to put a stop to this kind of activity. Clinton got the most votes. Trump, however, got the most electoral votes.