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Johnny Martorano was waiting for him in a car. In addition to guns, Martorano had stocked the car with booze which they got into as soon as they hit the road. A typical John Martorano braggadocio story as are so many of his lies. Police said the would-be killers waited for Flemmi behind his apartment house at Adams st.

When he emerged from the building at One, was Punchy McLaughlin. At the time he told that story Punchy was dead.

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He refused to name his other two attackers. Joe Barbosa in his book would write that he was waiting to meet the Bear that night and he received a call from Peter Poulos who said Bear got shot at his house. Wimpy Bennett and Stevie Flemmi, his brother, arrived. They went to the hospital and the doctor told them he might die.

On June 25 an article tells of the tight security at the Dorchester District Court for the arraignment of the Bear. Flemmi has been in the hospital since the night of last May 3 when he was ambushed and shot seven times by two gunmen outside his apartment at Adams St.


He was escorted into the court-house by the officers who had been guarding him at City Hospital. He was guarded because he was under arrest for possession of the gun which he used to defend himself from the attackers. Too bad Margaret Sylvester is not around to tell us who killed her. She was knifed three times in the stomach while in a joint owned by Martorano. If you wonder if John Martorano carried a knife, Jack Bannon who he knifed to death by Martorano could have answered that question.

Why do prosecutors depend on such people to give evidence at trial? Some of the information I have from the book Barbosa written by Barbosa and an other guy. It fills in a lot of blanks but like all gangster stories has to be taken lightly unless it fits. I have to go back and read it again in light of my other research but of all the people in the world I have difficulty believing Flemmi is one.

Wolf went on to say Naimovich was convicted of corruption in his court. The truth was Richard Schneiderhan was his informant and Naimovich was acquitted in federal court. I knew that without looking it up, just as I know, without going to the Internet, that the last out in the top of the ninth was an outfield fly, and that Wilson dropped to his knees in prayer while the ball was in the air.

I know all that because it was the very first time I attended a baseball game and how could anyone forget a night like that? Understand that the book Black Mass was written substantially on Federal Civil Trials where both parties were throwing supposed Rogue Agents under the bus, and nobody was defending them. Yes, there are intellectually and morally corrupt prosecutors, judges, attorneys, administrators in Mass and D.

So the corruption runs deep.

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It alludes to the depths of corruption in government, federal government especially. I am convinced to a high degree of moral certainty that the Federal Prosecutors, including Sterns, Durham, Wyshak and their cohorts and successors, knew that John Martorano and Steve Flemmi were bold-faced lying. Character Assassins II.

Muellar was head of the FBI then and greenlighted the witchhunts.

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Bush got it wrong when he listed his Axis of Evil. Carr is typical of the press. Bob Novak said one always has to examine a reporters source because that reporter will just shill for his source and vilify everyone else never having a clue that the source has an agenda. He never was. Carr lied. There was no indictment. Eisenhower: Soldier of Democracy by Kenneth S. Ever After by Elswyth Thane. Norris by George W.

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