Manual Repercussions Of Sexual Sins

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It is impossible to ignore such a secret sin as self-satisfaction masturbation , from which some people suffer from an early age. With all its unnaturalness it would not have been too dangerous, if it were not for the fact that there are no external borders to control it.

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Because of that, after it has become a habit, it draws to itself even when there is no physical need for it. When this habit has become strong, the most difficult side to it is that a person feels himself in the power of some fatal force, which he cannot confront.

Why do the Scriptures call so persistently to struggle with carnal lust?

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The fornicator sins against his own body," the apostle Paul writes. In sexual life outside marriage the body wears out faster because sexual life not connected with love requires much more power than a normal matrimonial relation within in marriage. But the main thing is that people who have given themselves to lascivious passion have a decreased ideal of life.

Dreams about self-denying work for the benefit of the society and a happy life with the loved one gradually fade; the ideals of youth evaporate. The person becomes cynical and ambitious. His consciousness is more and more filled with dirty pictures of voluptuousness.

The sins of the flesh and their consequences.

He looks at each woman as a female plaything. God's grace recedes from the person who has given himself to voluptuousness, and because of this his faith in God grows weak and his spiritual inclinations go down. He stops hearing the voice of his conscience through which God is calling him to the path of repentance.

The Four Consequences of Sexual Sin - Jentezen Franklin

Cold, gloom and rage establish in his soul. This is called a spiritual death, after which there is nowhere else to fall. Because of the inability of inveterate sinners to turn over to the path of amendment, God punishes them with His holy judgement. The apostle Paul has expressed the immutable vital law: "God will judge all the adulterers and all the sexually immoral" Hebrews I share that concern.

The sins of the flesh and their consequences.

However, the solution which Lordship salvation offers, adding works to the gospel, is one I cannot adopt. Salvation is a free gift. It is received by faith alone, not by faith plus works. To tell a person that he or she must stop living with their lover in order to be saved from hell is to contradict the idea of a free gift.

If I must give up something other than self-righteousness and unbelief --or even be willing to do so--then salvation costs me something. Lordship salvation advocates do not deny this. Notice that he is speaking of what we must PAY. We do not pay for gifts. Boice then answers his own question, in part, by noting, "I must pay the price of those sins I now cherish. I must give them up, every one. I cannot cling to a single sin. Third, let's avoid changing the basis of assurance. Some pastors preach and counsel that believers engaged in ongoing sexual sin are probably not "true believers" and hence are probably not saved.

Adultery and other sexual sins are forbidden and condemned by God in His Word. God will not hold adulterers and sexual predators blameless.

Are Sexual Sins the Worst Ones?

There is a day of reckoning, but today God still forgives. God makes it clear, for instance, that marriage is a commitment for life.

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This special relationship that God ordains between one man and one woman is a sacred trust. Sexual unfaithfulness on the part of husbands and wives has become epidemic. God does not excuse sin in any form.