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He covers a lot of useful topics such as composition, skies, figures, buildings, how to use photography effectively and guides the reader through several interesting demo paintings. She produces wonderful paintings, full of drama and stunning light effects. It turns out that a major part of her ethos is that brushstrokes should be invisible.

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Luckily for us, this inspiring book solves these mysteries in ways that will amaze and surprise you. This book will make you think about painting watercolours in a completely different way. How To Make A Watercolour Paint Itself, is a must have book for any artist wanting to push the boundaries of the medium.

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His stunning detailed paintings are fresh and full of light. Incredible examples of the capabilities of the medium. Now the downside. I was lucky enough to find a copy for much less in a used book store a while ago, so it is possible to get lucky. But the good news is that there is a DVD with the same title for much less than the book. So I would suggest grabbing that as an alternative. If you only get one book on this list this is probably the one I would recommend.

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Even advanced painters can get a lot out of this book. Tony Couch is clearly a master draughtsman as well as being a superb watercolour painter proving once more that great drawing is the foundation for great painting. Learning to use the medium of watercolour is only one of the skills you need to produce great paintings. The others are drawing and design.

All of her books are worth getting but my personal favourites are the two below. Having the confidence to really let go and trust the medium is something that I aspire to but rarely attain. This book if full of great advice and beautiful inspiration paintings. They are English fantasy illustrators who both later moved on to produce the concept art for the Lord of The Rings and Labyrinth movies respectively.

Apart from dozens of incredible drawings and watercolour paintings, Faeries is a highly entertaining and informative read about the legends and folklore of the British Isles. This is a wonderful book which I still regularly look at and marvel over. Buy Splash 19 from Amazon. Buy Splash 16 from Amazon. I like to stress the importance of drawing skills when it comes to painting and these last two books are two of the best drawing books that you can buy. Blake thereby lost most of what he had originally been promised.

Until relatively recently this was the end of it—that is, until G.

Courtesy of Dominic Winter Book Auctions. One of the subjects listed by John Flaxman in his letter of 18 October Bentley n; see also Bentley for the invaluable detail of the price. Lot was sold on 10 February, the ninth day of the sale.

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The originals of the engraved plates bring no surprises. Significantly, however, the subtlest of differences in the treatment of faces and expressions downgrades the visionary innocence of Blake into commonplace sentiment. Nor is there anything particularly surprising about the coloring of the watercolors, this being confined to the relatively restricted, delicate palette employed by Blake in his other watercolors of about The title page must have been a sensitive issue for both Blake and Cromek.

One for which no specific textual reference can be found is a night scene, illuminated by a lantern, showing a father kneeling by the grave reading from a book, presumably the Bible, accompanied by two children. For the whole group see Butlin , pls. Two more of the designs are based on sketches that have already been associated with The Grave project of Essick and Paley 77, , no.

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XI, figs. Essick and Paley , , no. X, fig.

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The semicircle of figures around the yew tree is frantic rather than ecstatic. The composition is unusual in being a vignette rather than filling the whole of the paper. Particularly attractive is a depiction of eight exquisite airborne female figures illus.

The most mysterious, and in some ways the most impressive though hardly the most attractive, of the new designs is an oblong composition dominated by a nude female figure, seated full-face with her arms extended, holding poppies and with butterfly-like patterned wings illus.