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When Suzie is not out clubbing, seducing women left and right, working as a pole dancer at a classy strip club, and obsessing over high fashion and the aroma of coffee, she assists a private investigator in tracking down missing girls. With that, it becomes clear that this book is not a typical plot driven one, but a character study, and a statement on female sexuality and how women have suffered as second class citizens for centuries.

Throughout the book we learn about why Suzie is vicious and how she struggles with that. She has very good reasons to want to destroy all the monsters in the world translation: men who brutally abuse women but yet, she knows being driven by hate and vengeance makes her a monster, too. Not to condone her actions at all, but it was not just sexual domination that drove our protagonist.

Cleo herself falls in love and leaves all that she has behind to follow the vampire she sees as a goddess. Along the way, there is plenty of blood drinking, both from the guys who kind of deserve it and those who do not. Oh yeah, lots of sex. I was enjoying this story very much until about two-thirds along the way. I really got into Suzie working for the private investigation in tracking down missing girls, and discovering a human trafficking scheme involving young women from Eastern Europe being forced to work as prostitutes in London.

This is an issue I personally care about because it is horrifying that human trafficking is still being done, and the way the women are treated makes me both mad and sad. Anyway, I was enjoying this and hoping Suzie would emerge victorious in the end. I felt her doing so took away the momentum of the story, because it was gearing up for a big event, and I actually got bored reading about it.

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I know it was to help the reader understand where she was coming from and what drives her. But it turned the excitement down several notches. Unfortunately, it may confuse other readers on what to make out of Suzie. Is she a vampire? A sex-crazed lesbian? Or a woman who has dealt with and seen too many women suffer from patriarchy that she makes it her mission to get justice however she can?

Obviously, Suzie Kew cannot be put into a box and that is something not too many authors do with their main characters. Yeah, some may have villains with an apparent sweet side, but this protagonist cannot be pigeon-holed at all.

Frank said:. June 13, at am. Megan said:. I can see why as an author you had to confront those justices. Kudos because some would ignore those points for the sake of their initial idea. August 22, at am.

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Book Review: Suzie & the Monsters – A Fairytale of Blood, Sex and Inhumanity

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