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My product line focuses on women's purses, pouches, and accessories, all handmade from luxurious textiles with supple leather accents. Drawing from my days of saving swatches from the garbage bin, I still seek to utilize vintage, upcycled or repurposed components where possible. Most pieces are one-of-a-kind, and all are handcrafted with exacting attention to detail, quality, and signature finishing touches.

Hollow Beads

In a time when we seem to only connect with so much of our environment via phone, email, internet and social media platforms, being able to touch and create with my hands is so valuable. There is so much planning that goes into a piece, in the dyes, the mordants, the fabric, how it will be bound, folded, tied, wetted, colored, blended, etc. But no matter how much planning I do, there is always a lovely element of surprise when I unbind a finish piece to see what it has become.

The entire process is fascinating. I prefer muslin in my process because it takes dyes so easily and has so many uses. I work in both natural and chemical dyes and try to stay on a color course through many different designs before changing. I started making stained glass 14 years ago and then I discovered fused glass. I have been making fused glass for 8 years and the addiction to glass grows. I make everything from fused glass pieces and pictures to large pieces in stained glass.

I also like to incorporate fused glass in my stained glass. I have been in art fairs for six seasons and enjoy the contact with customers. I want to constantly evolve an discover new and exciting ideas I can make in glass. Working in various semi-precious stones, art glass, beach glass, crystals, pearls, shell, and native copper.

I love to work with chains and incorporate stones into them. I favor copper, because of its warm color and healing properties. I also use silver and gold tones, in various metals and vintage colors. Nature inspires me to create unique individual pieces that look organic. I like experimenting with new techniques and mediums, but my real love is working with metals. My pieces are handcrafted from copper, sterling silver, nickel silver and brass sheet and wire.

Some of the techniques I use are fold forming, enameling, etching, soldering, brazing and wire wrapping. I also enjoy incorporating gemstones, beads, fossils and other found objects into my designs. My objective is to keep creating jewelry that is handmade and one of a kind, with a lot of love, patience and attention to detail. All of my designs are created from my imagination and all are "one of a Kind' pieces.

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I use a wide variety of processes - including hand-sawing, filing, forming, soldering, fusing, hammering, riveting, buffing, polishing and oxidizing. Many include semi-precious gemstones. The pieces are exquisitely finished and would be comfortable to wear. All of the components are cut by hand. Cutting the stones and seeing what beauty Mother Nature has produced inside is done by studying the rough slab to determine the design which would enhance the beauty of the natural stone.

I want the cabochon to be the star of the piece. When creating a piece of jewelry, I start with a sheet of metal, a pattern of the envisioned piece, the polished cabochon or gemstone and wire of various thicknesses. I furthered my knowledge by completing a workshop where I learned the craft of enameling. After selecting a stone, the entire piece is all hand crafted from start to finish. Some of the many techniques utilized in my work consist of enameling, granulation, hand texturing and soldering.

Unique stones, nature and even outer space inspire many of my jewelry creations. We are inspired by things from nature with leaves or flowers often incorporated into our designs which are fun, whimsical, and functional.

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Copper, sterling, brass and bronze are used in combination with a wide range of natural stones to design each unique necklace, pendant or pair of earrings. The use of onyx, jade, agate, jasper, aquamarine, carnelian, freshwater pearls, dumorteriete, turquoise, hematite, and opal offer a wide variety of choices to suite everyone's taste. Jewelry making has become an active form of meditation.

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The materials of choice are semi-precious stones, beads, glass, crystals, copper wire, silk, and leather. Each piece is a unique expression of wearable yoga art. Small beads are sewn together with needle and thread to create intricate patterns, shapes, and designs. I teach beadwork in Palatine, IL and am a nationally published beadwork artist and designer.

I focus on modernizing vintage styles, and developing pieces that fit into an everyday woman's wardrobe. Many of my pieces are convertible from pendant to pin to scarf holder, from necklace to bracelet, and other length options offering the wearer more ways to use their wearable art. They are inspirational pieces designed to encourage, inspire and celebrate our life stories.

This journey is amazing, painful, and uniquely your own. Pieces are 5" x 8" done primary with recycled paper all hand cut by the artist which are then put together to create unique one of a kind pieces.

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I often will capture the moment on film for a later painting, or with my easel and paints, working plein air. Art is Life! Other materials may include fired copper, stainless steel, glass and wood pulp. Simple shapes and forms are used to explore complex concepts including, space, time and the human condition. I enjoy experimenting with different unconventional application methods to create her pieces. I feel this helps create a whimsy that enhances the fantasy subjects that often dominate my works. My inspiration comes from everyday life interactions, such as natural color schemes, conversations, and general observation.

I draw upon pop cultural references and social issues and try to portray them in a whimsical way. I like to call my style Street Style Pop Art because I use both spray paint techniques made famous by street artists and draw references from pop art as well. My process begins with a few sketches of characters and focal points.

After the main subject is determined I let it guide me in choosing whether I begin digitally, by screen printing, by creating a stencil or by using collage. That then guides the rest of my process.

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I always begin with black and white and then add color using spray paint and acrylics, whatever works best with the main characters. Each piece is meant for everyone to enjoy - to main a child laugh or to make an adult think. They can be interpreted in any way. I only want my pieces to create a moment of joy. I cut up or shred pieces of newspaper and apply it to canvas using a painters brush and varnish. I create images, or works of art. My work looks like a painting until you get up close and realize it is some thing you may not have seen before.

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  5. I hope that you enjoy what you are looking at. When I paint it is because I feel the motivation, the inspiration but most of all the joy of painting. The media I use to paint are watercolors, acrylics, soft pastels, and oils. My way of painting is varied because I use different strategies that I have learned watching other artists in action.

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    I do not consider painting as a business but a way of living in peace. Also, painting is a way to convey happiness to those who stop and observe. I enjoy experimenting in various mediums but my passion has always been acrylics. I was introduced to the use of mechanical pen and ink in that time. I had been doing different mediums of artwork long before that and it added to my use of techniques and styles. Having epilepsy my entire life gave me interesting views, sometimes random and distorted, of how to produce an image.