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Activities for s. Teen Challenge. Think of it as a high-energy Multi-Active programme, with games and activities designed for older children and adolescents to develop their skills and try something new. Activities for Teens. Find your nearest venue, dates and prices. However, his rule alienated the planters of Ulster and antagonised the landowners of Connaught. Charles appointed William Laud as Archbishop of Canterbury. This tax was paid by coastal towns to pay for the upkeep of the Royal Navy.

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  • In a bid to raise more money, Charles now imposed the tax on inland towns as well. The Calvinist-dominated Scottish church resisted the move. There were riots and a National Covenant was formed which protested against any religious interference in Scotland by England. Wentworth told the King that in order to raise an efficient army he must recall Parliament.

    Charles, who had enjoyed his eleven years tyranny, was forced to recall Parliament. The King said that he would only abandon ship money if Parliament would grant him enough money to re-open the war with Scotland. Parliament refused and was dismissed after three weeks. Oliver Cromwell was elected to Parliament for the second time. He openly criticised Charles taxes and the level of corruption in the Church of England.

    Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, set out for the Scottish border with a makeshift army. However, the army mutinied and the Scots seized English land. The Scots demanded a daily rate be paid until a satisfactory treaty was put in place. This treaty between Scotland and England allowed the Scots to stay in Durham and Northumberland until a final settlement was concluded.

    Charles had to have money to pay for an efficient army with which to defeat the Scots. Charles had no choice but to comply.

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    A revolt broke out in Ireland. A Catholic rebellion broke out in Ulster and quickly spread across the country. Many Protestant settlers were driven from their homes and the rebellion became war. Charles instructed his attorney-general to issue a charge of treason against one peer and five members of the Commons including Pym and Hampden.

    When Parliament refused to recognise the charge, Charles sent a troop of horsemen to make the arrests. However, Parliament had been warned and the five men had fled. Charles removed himself and his family from Whitehall to Hampton Court.

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    Charles sent his wife Henrietta Maria to the Continent to enlist Catholic support for his cause against Parliament. She was also to pawn the crown jewels to buy arms. Although both sides were now preparing for war, negotiations continued.

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    This allowed Parliament to take control of the Militia, virtually the only armed body in the country. Charles tried to secure an arsenal of equipment left in Hull from his Scottish campaign. He was blocked by Sir John Hotham, with parliamentary and naval support and was forced to retire to York.

    Charles made his headquarters in York. The Nineteen Propositions were issued by Parliament in the hopes of reaching a settlement with the King. They called for a new constitution recognising their own supremacy; demanded that ministers and judges should be appointed by parliament not by the King and also that all Church and military matters should come under the control of Parliament. Charles raised his standard at Nottingham formally declaring war.

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    However, both sides hoped that either war could be averted or that one decisive battle would put an end to the matter. In the early afternoon, Charles sent his army down the hill to meet the Parliamentary army commanded by Essex. The battle was a stalemate with neither side able to advance. The Royalists led by Prince Rupert managed to surprise and capture Brentford. However, the following day Rupert was surprised to find his route to the city of London barred at Turnham Green by Essex and an army of some 24, The Royalist commander decided to retire rather than fight.

    The Royalists were the first to charge but there was no counter-charge. Parliament won the battle. This was the largest single battle of the Civil War involving 45, men. The Royalists were sandwiched between two Parliamentary forces.