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All Saleem knew was that during an argument that lasted until 4 a. I had just begun exploring my sexuality the year before, so for me, dating someone who was HIV-positive was the equivalent of a girl getting pregnant during her first sexual encounter: a nightmare realized. I had an idea of what being gay entailed long before I ever acted on the feelings that had followed me through childhood, because family members teased me, calling me "sissy," "fag" or "punk," when upset with me, and because while seeing Paris Is Burning for the first time, despite my cringing, I identified with the people in the documentary.

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The sneers and taunts from family were packed with enough power to shatter the most robust self-esteem, and they were confirmation that being gay was wrong. It's the reason that many of us grow up despising other gay men, refusing to date those with feminine qualities. I know a great deal of men who struggle with their sexuality because they were molested as children. A percentage of those men are confused about whether or not they are gay because they were victims of molestation.

The answer to that question is deeply personal and specific to each individual. I wasn't molested, and I know that I was born gay.

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It wasn't a choice. It wasn't a decision, nor was it learned. I knew at an early age, but I chose to avoid it. I thought that all gay men were interested in becoming women and wearing women's clothes and were flamboyant and destined for hell. I wasn't. So from puberty through my college years, I concealed my feelings and innermost thoughts. I actually believed that if I never acted on what I was avoiding, then I wasn't really gay, and I would somehow escape being gay. It was denial at best, which is quite possibly how some men slip into double lives.

I thought that suppressing the feelings was the remedy and the route around all the labels that would come with being gay. As a teenager I was never attracted to any male in particular. I was simply intrigued by the male physique in gym class, and in porn, when my friends and I happened to watch. My first sexual experience was with one of my childhood friends.

His family had a motor home parked in their backyard, and from time to time his mother used it to watch the soaps or to nap. We climbed in one day when it was unoccupied and took turns humping each other on the bed with our pants around our ankles and our penises pressed against each other. For years I chalked it up to normal childhood experimentation. I pushed the experience so far to the edge of my memory that I almost forgot it happened.

It was difficult denying to myself that I'm gay when my wet dreams were no longer about girls but about boys. Dreams aren't planned. I couldn't control them. Then there were the trips to Owings Mills, Md. This magazine wasn't as tasteful or as artistic as Playgirl in the models were photographed.

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These men were black, completely naked, with erect penises, and posing in a sleazy, leave-nothing-to-the-imagination kind of way. My heart raced and my palms sweat as I carefully removed the magazine from the plastic cover while keeping an eye on the unassuming store clerk. I would stuff the plastic somewhere on the bookshelf, grab a copy of Fishing and Hunting magazine to conceal the smut, then find a corner in the store to enjoy.

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It would have been easier to buy the magazine, but I could only imagine the puzzled look on the store clerk's face when I appeared at the counter to purchase a magazine full of naked men, not to mention the fact that all I needed was for my mother to find it stashed someplace in my room. She's the kind of mother who'll say that it may be your room, but that room is in her house. After years of concealing my feelings and thoughts, I finally drummed up the courage to go to a gay bar back home in Baltimore after I'd moved away for school at Hampton University in Virginia. I don't think I could have gone to a gay bar in Baltimore had I not moved away, because I never considered venturing to one in Virginia for fear of running into someone from campus.

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I was home visiting one weekend and decided to go to Club Bunns. Paranoia convinced me that someone would recognize my car or even memorize my license plate number, so I parked a street or two away from the club. The mind has a wonderful way of convincing us that our fears are fact, and that what isn't fact is.

I wore a wool newsboy hat pulled low to help me avoid eye contact, and a teak-colored pea coat with the collar popped to make it difficult to see my face. What I failed to realize was that my attire would create an aura of mystery that would draw attention to me in the tiny, dark, sparsely furnished bar. I sat in a corner looking and observing.

I didn't have enough sense to order a drink to appear normal. Instead I gave the impression that I am a recluse. Share your wisdom and so forth. Enjolras was being manipulated, and what was worse was that he knew it, Combeferre was usually much better at this sort of thing, the fact that he was being so obvious meant he was getting desperate.

Maybe he should go, maybe it would be good. So that Thursday he got ready to go to the support meeting, but he was nervous.

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So he stopped in at the Corinth. The Corinth is where his friend Bahorel works. He would give him a drink and not judge him for needing it. When he walked in it was early in the night and pretty empty. Bahorel was bussing tables and greeted him with a shout coming over to him.

His eyes were bright and hazel and beautiful, and his nose looked as though it had been created by someone who only had a rough idea of what a human nose was actually supposed to look like. But there was something about him that made Enjolras feel warm, it was odd. On his t-shirt he had a piece of paper attached with scrawling writing proclaiming. Enjolras laughed and smiled, pointing to the paper. Grand R, R, I like it. Enjolras started back for a long time before he realised the man was probably waiting for his order.

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The man blinked a couple of times and then got his drink. Bringing back a pen and paper, he seemed nervous. Staring at the paper for a reasonably long time before starting to write. Enjolras watched him and waited, eventually the man turned the paper around so Enjolras could see it. Enjolras was never sure how to handle comments like that, especially given R seemed almost disappointed by this. R seemed to know he had hit a nerve, he gave what would have been a bark of laughter if any sound had come out, as it was he was silent, except for his words on the paper.

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We do not need to be told what to do, nor do we have to have leaders. Enjolras found himself trying not to smile himself, he wondered why he was enjoying this so much, why he was being contrary on purpose, to keep it going. Riots are the best example of anarchy in practice. People riot, they forget about the laws and the rules, no one is stopping them from doing what they want, not really. And do people take those opportunities to create a golden age of civilisation to destroy the rules that keep the rich rich and the poor the only ones working?

They use those opportunities to loot and steal and get away with whatever they think they can get away with and know they would get arrested for in different circumstances. Humanity is never given the opportunity to find out. And even if a perfect society could be reached it would certainly not be through anarchy.

The argument went on for hours. The topic of the argument changed frequently from anarchy, to how much power people really had in democracy, to the necessity of tradition and somehow they had ended up talking about the intelligence of octopodes what, after a long argument about pluralisation and etymology, Enjolras had conceded could in fact be the correct plural of octopus.

Words Never Spoken: A Memoir By Craig Stewart

Enjolras barely even noticed R continuing to serve drinks as Enjolras read over his notes. Nor did he notice Micheals eventual arrival and he was barely aware of them moving from the bar to a table in the corner. Thinking of Grantaire he looked up to see Grantaire looking at him, his face turned to a questioning expression. To Combeferre: Sorry, I missed it, it meets weekly right? When he looked back up there was a new piece of paper in front of him, with just one word on it, as opposed to the paragraph sized pieces of writing that seemed to be getting longer and longer as the night wore on.

At the end of the night Enjolras said good bye exchanging numbers with Grantaire. No one needed to know that when he got home he put them in a box file he then placed under his bed. And if he smiled the next morning when he got a text from Grantaire, well, no one had to know that either. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. Words Never Spoken StrawberryBubbles Summary: At the age of eighteen the first words your soul mate will ever say to you appear etched into your skin, they stay there forever and it means everyone always knows who their soul mate is the second they exchange their first spoken words. Chapter titles are possibly even worse, so I am dull. Chapter 1 : Chapter One. So you are friends with Bahorel? The paper said, in the same scrawling writing as the paper pinned to his chest. So how do you know Bahorel?

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